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WAR UPDATE: July 18th

Dear friends,

We are alive and well but our hearts are torn for the afflicted.

We are truly humbled by the amount of people who have reached out. Your prayers are hugely encouraging to us and our families.

Due to the ongoing situation and the immense volume of emails, we have decided to post real-time updates on our Telegram page https://t.me/snrisrael

Please use the "Contact Us" form below considerately and with discretion during this time, as we may not be able to respond in the next few months.

Instead, we encourage you to follow our announcements on Telegram linked below. The link can be accessed via a web browser on any device in read-only mode. And if you wish to leave a comment, then you may do so by downloading the Telegram app.

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The best is yet to come,
Sergio & Rhoda

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