2024 Calendar with Daily Scriptures.

14"x11" wall calendar with scenic views of beautiful Israel and daily Scriptures for encouragement and memorization.

$11.62Available in KJV and WEB

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Monthly Scripture Themes

Each month has a scriptural theme. Below you can find the themes titles and description for each month.

  • January “Apples of His Eye
    A collection of verses that show God’s love and care towards us.
  • February “Jesus
    Instances when Jesus appears in the Old Testament.
  • March “Speaking to One Another in Psalms
    A month of scriptures from the Psalms.
  • April “Nothing but the Blood
    A collection of verses about our redemption through the blood of Christ.
  • May “Free
    Verses about spiritual freedom and liberation from sin through Christ.
  • June “After His Own Heart
    Scriptures on living in alignment with God's will, akin to King David.
  • July “The Word of God
    Focus on the power and truth of God's Word in guiding believers.
  • August “Not a Coincidence
    Verses which have the same number for chapter and verse.
  • September “Rise and Shine
    Verses about the great men and women of faith who rose early to serve God.
  • October “Guard your heart
    Scriptures on protecting one's heart and maintaining spiritual purity.
  • November “Amazing Grace
    Celebration of God's transformative grace and the gift of salvation.
  • December “Numbered Days
    Redeeming the time and focusing on Kingdom work.


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