2021 Calendar with Daily Scriptures.

14"x11" wall calendar with scenic views of beautiful Israel and daily Scriptures for encouragement and memorization.

$11.36Available in KJV and WEB

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Monthly Scripture Themes

Each month has a scriptural theme. Below you can find the themes titles and description for each month.

  • January “a new beginning...
    This is the first month of the year and thus the Scriptures in this month are all about new beginnings.
  • February “there's no greater love than...
    As the world celebrates Valentines the day of love on Feb 14th, we focus on true love and what it means scripturally.
  • March “hope does not disappoint...
    The month when Spring begins we focus on Hope.
  • April “through the valley of the shadow of death...
    Month of April holds Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and the Ressurection Day, and so the Scriptures in this month focus on encouragement in trial.
  • May “a wise man once said...
    The theme for this month is wisdom.
  • June “let's get to work...
    June is the time of wheat harvest, and thus the scriptural theme is work.
  • July “what did Jesus say?
    This month we focus on the sayings of Jesus.
  • August “when in Rome...
    This month's theme is the book of Romans.
  • September “let there be light...
    The theme for this month is Light.
  • October “let us draw nearer...
    The scriptural theme for this month is self-reflection, repentance, and drawing nearer to the Lord.
  • November “count your blessings...
    November is the month when we gather with families on thanksgiving and count our blessings, and so the scriptural theme is blessings.
  • December “the best is yet to come...
    The theme of this month is end times and eternal life.


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