2023 Calendar with Daily Scriptures.

14"x11" wall calendar with scenic views of beautiful Israel and daily Scriptures for encouragement and memorization.

$11.62Available in KJV and WEB

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Monthly Scripture Themes

Each month has a scriptural theme. Below you can find the themes titles and description for each month.

  • January “Remember your Creator
    Let us begin this year by setting our eyes on the One who holds every matter in His hands.
  • February “Walk worthy
    Because the Lord is Worthy of it.
  • March “The Great I AM
    A collection of the I Am’s of the Lord both in the New and Old Testaments.
  • April “What a Savior
    The very Great I Am is the one who left His throne to be a ransom for our sins.
  • May “My strength is from You
    An encouragement to be strong in Him because He has already given us the strength we need.
  • June “On the Mount with Him
    A collection of verses from Jesus’ sermon on the mount.
  • July “God Almighty
    A collection of the wonderful attributes of our God.
  • August “In Christ Alone
    A collection from the Epistles that tell who we are and what we can do in Christ.
  • September “More than minor prophets
    The major words of the Old Testament short written prophets’ books.
  • October “Treat someone better today
    Verses from the Epistles that challenge us to treat each other better.
  • November “Always rejoice
    Encouraging verses to keep us rejoicing no matter the circumstances.
  • December “Waiting on Him
    A collection of verses to encourage us to wait on Him and hope in His coming.


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