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Video Editing for Sergio & Rhoda in Israel
Who We're Seeking:
  1. An independent, skilled, and experienced video editor who can take hours of interview and v-log style clips and make a captivating YouTube episode
  2. Someone with a passion for creating videos about the land of Israel from a Christian faith and perspective.
Contract Terms:
  • A commitment of 160 hours per month (preferred, but different terms can be arranged).
  • A duration of 6 months, with the flexibility for either party to terminate at any time.
  • The position is for a self-employed contractor.
Key Responsibilities:
  1. Manage raw footage from various sources including onsite shoots, interviews, drone and FPV shots, and studio recordings.
  2. Conduct research on ancient sites.
  3. Study the Bible to grasp the relevance, history, and spiritual significance of specific locations.
  4. Develop a comprehensive storyline.
  5. Craft scripts for Sergio and Rhoda to narrate and present in-studio, seamlessly integrating them into the video's story.
  6. Edit the full episode using FCPX (Premiere Pro is okay but less preferred).
  7. Utilize After Effects for 3D camera tracking, creating 3D titles, occasionally incorporating 3D models, and rotoscoping.
  8. Produce videos highlighting maps and directions, leveraging tools like Google Maps and Google Earth for 3D map visuals.
  9. Sift through a vast collection of music tracks to pinpoint the perfect tunes that aligns with each segment's emotion.
  10. Regularly liaise with Sergio & Rhoda, sharing video drafts and updates for feedback via platforms such as Frame.io.
  11. Deliver both the final video render and the source project files.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Proficient in English.
  • Advanced knowledge of FCPX.
  • Expertise in After Effects (covering areas like 3D camera tracking, 3D title placement, and rotoscoping).
  • At least 4 years of full-time editing experience.
  • A strong grasp on storytelling and the ability to create engaging videos.
  • Research skills, particularly in relation to ancient sites.
  • The capacity to review hours of interview content and craft a compelling story in line with our vision.
  • Musical proficiency is a plus, aiding in aligning video edits with the rhythm of background scores.
In Conclusion:

While the skills listed above serve as a benchmark, our main criterion is your ability to tell a story through video in a distinctive YouTube style. If you're confident in producing captivating content—even if your skill set slightly deviates from our list—please hit the apply button without hesitation.

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